Cover to Cover Books Members

Cover to Cover Books was started as a small get-together between lifelong friends Mia, Ellie, Kate, and Shannon. They were looking for new hobbies to get involved in when they realized that instead of looking for something that already existed, they could start their own club, bring some other friends into the mix, and create new lifelong relationships between people who love reading.

When the pandemic hit, our little group became a distinct haven for our friends. We would meet on zoom with some coffee, tea, and a delectable brunch and chat for an hour about the books we were all reading. Then Kate suggested we dress up as well and show off our costumes sometimes put together from what we had in our closets but other times, some of our members went all out! Now that brunch is open once more, we've been enjoying meeting in public once more, but we've kept the traditions we created while in lockdown for a reminder of the friends we made during that time!

Our Founding Members


Mia studied science while in school and currently works as a teacher so she enjoys memoirs and essays more than any other genre. After all, she loves reading about the world around her as it is, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love to get in on the dreamy world of fiction sometimes too. She has two sons who haven't yet gotten interested in reading but sure do love to help her pick out books when it's her turn to choose. You can always tell when her sons picked a book for her: they always choose the cover that's the brightest!


As a huge fan of true crime podcasts, it's no surprise that Ellie is a huge fan of mystery books and stories that incorporate supernatural creatures. Even though Cover to Cover only reads a book a month, Ellie can usually be found sitting on a bean bag chair set up in her bay window, surrounded by her plants and of course her fat orange cat named Geoff, reading a mystery or horror book.


Kate is a stay-at-home mom of three who has always loved costume design. In fact, it was her idea to add the costume part to their end of the month meetings and at first, she was the one winning every month because she would create the most elaborate outfits out of beautiful fabric and sometimes even mundane objects! Reading and sewing are her escapes from her hectic days and she loves every minute of them.


Shannon is a huge fan of historical tales and fancy dresses. By day she works as a manager in a small company, but by night she's reading thrilling tales of bygone eras by candlelight. An organized person by nature, Shannon is the one sending out the emails at the beginning of the month to remind people what book we're reading and where we'll be going for brunch throughout the month. She's also the one making reservations for brunch so if you aren't able to make a specific meeting, let her know so she can update the reservation!

Other Members of our Fantastic Book Club