Cover to Cover Books Meeting Schedule

At the beginning of every month, our president sends out an email to everybody in our book club as a reminder of what book we're reading as well as what restaurants we'll be visiting for brunch on Sundays that month. Those Sunday brunches are spent going over our thoughts on the book of the month while we have fun spending time out of the house with friends!

On the last Sunday of every month, we do a special brunch at a restaurant chosen by the same person who chose our monthly read. Our goal is always to finish a book a month, but we know some of our members have a lot of responsibilities and need extra time to get through a story. If a person still isn't able to finish a book, we understand! Sometimes not every book is for every member of our group, but it's still fun to participate.

At our last Sunday brunch of the month, we go all out and dress up as someone from the book or include an element in our outfit that inspired us. We all bring the book with us to discuss while we drink mimosas and eat delicious food. At the end of our dining experience, we crown a costume winner and that person is the one who chooses the book Cover to Cover Books reads the following month.